Here are some of the "unofficial" rules of Ankhet.  Although they are not listed in Ankhet's Terms of Service, they are community-enforced rules.  Also the Oracles may enforce them as well!  If you accidentally violate these rules you should make a post immediately to apologize and let everyone know it was a mistake.

"Unofficial" RulesEdit

  1. Do not kill Kauket except in the last 10 minutes or so before the game resets to the next day!
  2. Do not kill the Blood Merchant unless you are the one that invoked the Burning Season that spawned him!

Consequences of Violating "Unofficial" RulesEdit

  1. People will attack/kill/slander your Ankhet character.  :(
  2. People will think you are a brainless newbie.
  3. Some of the more... temperamental players may hold grudges against you and/or your Dominion.  They might also use your actions as an excuse to start drama and/or start a war against your Dominion.