I'm still trying to decide whether to help out or not.

I like the idea of having an Ankhet Wiki, the KoL Wiki certainly helped me out there - I wouldn't have continued on KoL so long without that Wiki. So I'm thinking that there are people who need that same kind of helping hand here. Which is all fine. I'm just not convinced that this won't go into the realm of too many spoilers.

Like... Having Artifacts functions in a Wiki format would be great - you find an Anima Prism and you can go see what it does without having to bug people. But I don't like how deep that might go - do you mention in the article on Prisms that they are part of a slightly larger quest and can be traded? Do you say exactly where to take them and what the reward is?

Much as I think massively Tutoring new players is a bad thing, mass amouts of information could also be quite damaging to the game. It seems to be something that could contribute to powerlevelling and speed 'ascending' (or er, climbing?). While those things are fine in moderation, I think the community side of things could suffer if all the new players suddenly (in essence) have the ability to rise excessively without properly learning the finer points.

There's a heck of a lot to this game, something Wiki-based would be good, but I think it really needs some strong guidelines on content before it goes too far.

Thus spake Anupet.

This is a generally good idea, but to summarise in a few points:

  • Don't spoil everything about an artifact. Aim for a description that, while more detailed than the in-game description, doesn't give away things like trade locations or less obvious effects.
  • Oracle-fie more important things. Instead of saying 'When your favour is at X, you can get Y'. Say 'When you have sufficient favour with the gods, more locations will be available'.
  • Grammar and spelling matters.
  • Beasts shouldn't have things like drop rates on them; rather, something more like 'You are more likely to find X than Y in Z'.