The Sphinxes quest is the second of the two starter quests available to all new players in Ankhet. While the other quest, the Gauntlet, focuses on combat, this quest focuses on the answering of enigmas. If these enigmas are answered correctly, they will provide favour and, for Hathors, anima. If the enigmas are not answered correctly, vitality will occasionally be taken by the Sphinxes.


For a level 10 disciple there are 4 sphinxes and for a level 40 disciple, there are seven sphinxes; the favour gains and enigma difficulty increase with the higher level Sphinxes. Anat is only available during the Season of the Witch, Shai is only available after you complete the Riddler's Challenge and Kauket is only available after you acquire an Aphotic Tome from the Black Oracle in the Western Mountains.

Maat [5]

Seshat [10]

Horus [15]

Ptah [20]

Sagira [25]

Osiris [30]

Set [40]

Anat [50]

Shai [60]

Kauket [80]