Brow pinched with apprehension, the Nomarch motions one of his officers forward. Ash darkens the lines of the soldier’s weathered face. His uniform is black with soot. "Disciple, my garrison was working to rebuild the fortress of Tharo in the Western Mountains," he says, pausing to stifle a hacking cough. "A neighboring mountain exploded with fire and ash. The eruption was unexpected and unnatural. Demons poured out of the inferno. I was hunting when it happened, but I saw everything. I tried to get back to the garrison, but the demons were too powerful."

"This is Menthu’s doing," says the royal magister, his features lost amid swirling shadows beneath his hood. "My seers tell me that the demon lord has unleashed a Purefire Efreet. It must be destroyed if Tharo is to be restored."

"Can you help these men?" the Nomarch asks. "My officer can show you the way to Tharo. Put down this menace, and you shall be rewarded."


Adventure in the Western Mountains, described as "Delve into the misty Western Mountains [30]".  No other details yet as to how many foes and what kind of foes you have to defeat to complete the quest.